How we found our little piece of paradise…

In 2019, my husband Bill, was diagnosed with Huntington’s disease. Multiple doctors told us that there were no available treatments to cure or reverse this disease, only medications to help with easing its symptoms. 

So, I began a search for alternative therapies and discovered stem cell replacement therapy, available in Mérida, Mexico, in the heart of the Yucatan Peninsula.

A brand new way

Bill began the therapy and has been receiving regular treatments since 2021. Thankfully, he has shown marked improvement and is continuing to do well. I attribute his improvement to so many things.

There’s nothing like the combination of good friends, eating fresh foods, clean air, sunny days, blue skies, walking on the white sand roads and swimming in the Gulf, to improve one’s well-being.

Today, we live in the charming fishing village of Chelem, Mexico located 30 minutes North of Mérida. The beautiful coastline and authentic culture make this place so easy to fall in love with.

“We find this to be one of the most loving and supportive communities that we have had the pleasure of being a part of.”

Because we enjoy being here so much, I love sharing what this area has to offer with my friends, family, colleagues and professional acquaintances alike. On occasion, I come across unique and special properties and at this moment, I am pleased to present a home that is being sold by our very dear friends. The entire house is spectacular, and the saltwater pool is amazing.

Imagine you living in the Yucatan…

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Chelem Beach House

We welcome you to experience an extraordinarily designed beach home; the perfect combination of luxury living and easy maintenance. Located between Chelem and Chuburna, on the north coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, just steps from the Gulf waters. The features of this beautiful home are countless and unlike anything you will find in the area. Every detail has been carefully considered resulting in the ideal combination of colors, textures and materials. Whether you plan to live at the beach permanently or enjoy short stays throughout the year, this turn-key home offers every desired modern convenience – no expense has been spared.

Quick Facts

Three Floor Main House with Spectacular Roof Top Terrace.

Separate Building Containing a One Bedroom Apartment &
Air-Conditioned Garage with Commercial Motorized Roll-Up Door.

  • Net Zero Home
  • 44 Solar Panels
  • Commercial Whole House Reverse Osmosis Water System
  • Two Storage Bodegas
  • Dedicated Mechanical Room
  • Lot Size: 592m2
  • Construction Size: 512m2

$1,200,000 USD

Why we love.

Many of our friends have asked us why we are in love with this area and here are just a few of the reasons why:


Cenotes, underground limestone sinkholes with cool, (77-78F year-round) fresh water.

30 Mins

Mérida (a 30-minute drive from Chelem) is a vibrant city with stunning architecture.

50 Mins

Fifty-minute drive to Merida International Airport, where flights are plentiful to and from the US and Canada

  1. Chelem is a small Mexican village and fishing port located in southeast Mexico, approximately 15-minutes West of Progreso.
  2. The crime rates here are the lowest in the country and CEO World magazine called Mérida the second safest city on the continent after Quebec City. Conde Nast Traveler magazine readers named Mérida the #4 Best City in the World in 2022.
  3. Getting around is easy. Chelem is very walkable with white sand roads lined with palm trees. There are fun tuk-tuks, combis (small vans that run between Chuburná, Chelem and Progreso) as well as private drivers and Uber. Major rental car agencies are available in Merida.
  4. Internationally recognized private healthcare facilities in Merida are excellent. Consultations, testing and procedures are inexpensive and easy to access when comparing to the US and Canada. In addition, you may also find top quality dental facilities.
  5. The friendliness of the locals makes it easy to take part in the customs and rich culture. Plus, a diverse inclusive expat community that is supportive and helpful.
  6. The robust housing market is perfect for investment purposes.
  7. The amazing sunsets, palm trees swaying, ocean breezes and emerald water of the Gulf make for stunning views.
  8. Throughout the town you will find a variety of restaurants, coffee shops, tacos stands and bars. There are also fresh produce markets, grocery stores and many small tiendas (shops). Other available services are medical and dental clinics, pharmacies, laundry and gym.
  9. There are markets, featuring organic foods, meats, cheeses, baked goods, juices, vegetables, handicrafts, in Chelem, Chuburná, Progreso and Mérida.
  10. The beaches here are peaceful compared to the Caribbean side with less people and the gulf breezes make this a popular area for kite surfing. Pickleball and softball are also active communities.

11. Just a 10-minute drive from Chelem, you will find the Yucalpetén Harbor which is home to eight recreational boat marinas. Several of the marinas offer maintenance, repair, and restoration services, as well as sailing schools and beach clubs.

12. A 15-minute drive from Chelem is the port city of Progreso. The city has a Malecon (boardwalk next to the beach), that offers white sand beaches on one side and restaurants and shops on the other.

13. Known as the “White City” (Ciudad Blanca), Mérida (a 30-minute drive from Chelem) is a vibrant city with stunning architecture. The main avenue running through Mérida, Paseo de Montejo, offers a variety of museums, restaurants, stores, monuments, and other attractions.

14. Mérida is well known for its international gastronomy. The dining scene is diverse with a full range of different experiences.

15. Shopping is plentiful in Merida where you will find familiar stores like Costco, Sam’s Club, Home Depot, Office Depot and Ace Hardware along with four world-class shopping malls.

16. The Yucatan is rich in history, languages, and traditions, with a mix of Mexican, Mayan and Spanish cultures. Merida is surrounded by sites of interest that make for great day trips…flamingo tours, Mayan ruins, cenotes, salt flats, beach clubs, mangrove tours, kayaking, fishing and more.

17. The newly renovated Merida International Airport is located 50 minutes from Chelem.

18. It is a four-hour drive to Cancun International Airport. However, the new Maya Tren (Train) makes accessing the airport much easier and runs directly from Mérida to the Cancun airport.

Let’s make your dreams come true!

If, after reading this, you think you might be interested in this area part-time as a vacation spot, or as a full-time resident, I would love to share this beautiful area with you. Simply send me a note and we will connect. If you have friends or family who you think might be interested in this area, please forward my information to them.

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